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June 07

Richard M Wooten, PG Debris Flows, Big Slow Movers, and Rockslides: Assembling the Geospatial Legacy of Landslides using Lidar, Drones and Boots on the Ground
April 05

Dean Francuch, PG, CEG BNSF Railway Southern “Transcon” Mainline Dual Track Bridge Replacement over the Mojave River, Victorville, California
March 08 Virtual (zoom) Meeting
Meeting Speaker Topic
March 10 Jeffrey R. Keaton, PhD, PE, PG #1: "Enhanced Geologic Model Complexity Rating System"

#2: "Seismic Refraction Survey Across the San Andreas Fault from Inside Elizabeth Tunnel"
February 11 Mr. Matthew Hacker "Senior Resource Specialist
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California"
January 15 Shant Minas and Thomas Rockwell "A Multi-Phase Fault Rupture Hazard Study in Century City, Los Angeles, California"
Meeting Speaker Topic
November 28 Janis Hernandez, California Geological Survey "The Ridgecrest Earthquake Sequence of July 2019"
August 28 Darrin Hasham, Earth Systems Pacific "An Earthy Finish to a Mined Wine Cave in Paso Robles, California"
March 14 Dean Francuch, Shannon & Wilson "The meandering Mundo Mudpot, or how international trade is affected by Salton Sea tectonics"
February 11 Dr. Keith Porter, University of Colorado at Boulder AEG/CalGeo Regional Dinner Meeting
January 15 Deborah Green, AEG/GSA Jahns Lecturer "A Tale of Two Waste Sites"
Meeting Speaker Topic
November 1 Dr. Elena S. Amador, Cal Tech "Reconstructing Mars: Untangling the geologic and environmental history of Mars from 34 million miles away"
August 22 Dr. Jeff Marshall, Cal Poly Pomona "Sizing up the subduction beast: A tale of earthquakes and ancient shorelines in Costa Rica and New Zealand"
July 11 Sean Wagner, Tensar "Sensible Slopes: Reinforcing Earth with Sub-premium Soils"
June 13 Student Night Present Your Research and Projects
May 08 Dr. John Wakabayashi
Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, California State University, Fresno, California
"Evolution of step-overs and bends along strike-slip faults: Implications for seismic hazards assessment"
Meeting Speaker Topic
June 13 William F. Kane
President and Principal Engineer and
Mallory Jones
Staff Geologist and Project Manager
Kane GeoTech Inc., Stockton CA
"Geohazard Mitigation Methods with a Focus on Debris Flow"
May 23 Dr. Scott A. Anderson
GSA AEG Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer for 2016-2017
"Future opportunities for site and event characterization using remote sensing and social media "
March 8

Professor George Fitz, Ph.D., PE "Deep Mixing Method for Support of Embankments"
February 15

Steve Miller, Jensen Precast Retaining Wall Products Group "Introducing ultra-largepre-cast concrete, gravity and reinforced soil retaining structures and concrete fences"
January 11 Dr. Bruce Carter, Retired Dean of Natural Sciences, Pasadena City College "Enormous Megaflood on Santa Cruz Island"
Meeting Speaker Topic
November 9 AEG Southern California Chapter Student Night
August 2 Paul Santi, Colorado School of Mines and 2016 President of AEG "Debris Flows Following Wildfire in the Western U.S."
April 26 Jerome De Graff, 2016 AEG-GSA Jahns Distinguished Lecturer "What does it take to effectively monitor for environmental and engineering geology projects?"
March 23 Laurie Racca, Senior Registrar & Geologist, PG, California Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists (BPELSG) "Evolution of Geology Licensing Requirements in California: Defining a Geological Sciences Degree"
February 10 Jeffrey Keaton, PhD, Principal, Amec Foster Wheeler "The Geotechnical Extreme Event Reconnaissance (GEER) Association response to recognition of important geotechnical effects of the Oso Landslide"
January 13 Todd Roberts, Roctest Ltd. "Geotechnical Instrumentation"
Meeting Speaker Topic
October 14 Tanya Leffler and Mile Elliott, REHS
Wastewater systems designers with Jensen Precast Corporation
"On-Site Wastewater Treatment"
August 11 Mr. John Diehl, PE
GEOVision Geophysical Services, Corona, California
"Most Useful Geophysical Methods for Measuring an S-wave Profile"
May 13 Kim M. Bishop ,PhD, PE, PG, EG
Professor of Engineering Geology, California State University, Los Angeles
"The Kohala Landslide - A Newly Recognized Mega-Landslide on the Big Island of Hawaii Discovered by the Use of Topographic Analysis and Balanced Cross-Section Concepts"
April 06 Dr. Kenneth Hudnut, USGS & Caltech, Pasadena, CA "Fault Rupture and Afterslip in the South Napa Earthquake (M 6.0 on 24 August 2014)"
March 10 Desmond Chung, Geobrugg North America, LLC "Being Flexible With Slope Stability And Rockfall Solutions"
February 10 Dr. Barry Hibbs, California State University, Los Angeles "Geological and Anthropogenic Imprints on Ground Water Quality - Beware of the Anecdotal Models"
January 14 Ken Fergason, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona and the 2014-2015 President of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) "Someone is Paying Me to do This!
The Geologic, Geohazard, and Geotechnical Field Investigation for the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge"
Meeting Speaker Topic
November 12 James Chinchiolo, Project Development Director, Geostabilization International "New Tools and Technologies for Geohazards Mitigation"
October 14 Dr. Jeffrey Keaton, AMEC, Los Angeles "The March 22, 2014, Oso Landslide: an Overview of the GEER Response"
August 12 Gary Luce, AEG President 2013-2014, PE, Senior Geologist and Geotechnical Engineer, Resource Concepts, Carson City, Nevada "Virginia and Truckee Railway Historic Tunnel Construction and Reconstruction of Tunnel No. 2 and Proposed Reconstruction of Tunnel No. 6"

"Discussion On Proposed Changes To The Constitution Regarding The Governance Structure Of AEG"
June 18 Dr. Tarek H. Abdoun
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"Recent advancements in remote sensing technology and physical modeling leading to a new reality for health assessment of soil-structure systems"
July 8 Eldon Gath, PG, CEG
Earth Consultants International
"Paleoseismology of the North Panamá Deformed Belt from Uplifted Coral Platforms"

"Updating California’s Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act for the New Millennium"
June 18 Dr. Tarek H. Abdoun
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"Recent advancements in remote sensing technology and physical modeling leading to a new reality for health assessment of soil-structure systems"
April 9 Christopher W. Goetz PG, EG,
URS Corporation
"Fault Rupture Hazard Assessment for North Haiwee Dam No. 2, Owens Valley, California"
February 25 2013-2014 Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer

Gregory (Greg) L. Hempen

PhD, PE, RG,
URS Corporation
"Mitigating Blasting Impacts without Dimishing Effectiveness"
January 22 Dr. Jeff Keaton, C.E.G., P.E.,
Principal Engineering Geologist
AMEC, Los Angeles, CA
"Seismic Enhancements for Delivering Water to the City of Los Angeles across the San Andreas Fault in the Elizabeth Tunnel"
Meeting Speaker Topic
December No Section Meeting in December
November 13 Dean G. Francuch, P.G., C.E.G., Associate Geologist
Shannon & Wilson, Inc.
"The November 2011 White Point Landslide, Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, California"
October 8 Sean P. Harvey, PG, CEG
"Tunnel Mapping and Comparison of Design vs. Actual Ground Conditions, Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore, Oakland, California"
August 13 Ben Turner,
UCLA, PhD Student
"Geologic Aspects of Two Ongoing Research Projects: Friction Losses in Tieback Anchors used for Landslide Stabilization, and Deep Foundation Performance in Laterally Spreading Ground"
July 9 Miles Kenney, PhD, PG
Kenney GeoScience
"Late Quaternary stratigraphic and structural development of the Cheviot Hills / Century City area"
April 10 E. D. Michael, CEG
Consultant Geologist
"Translational Sheet Landsliding in the Pacific Palisades and its Relevance to Safety Factor Calculation"
May 6 Mohammed A. Hasan, PE., F.ASCE Joint Meeting with SCGS
"Directional Drilling in a Megaslide"
April 10 E. D. Michael, CEG
Consultant Geologist
"Translational Sheet Landsliding in the Pacific Palisades and its Relevance to Safety Factor Calculation"
March 12 Michele Chimienti, PE
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
"Retrofit of the Big Tujunga Dam for seismic safety and water conservation"
February 12 Dr. Jeffrey Keaton,
#1: "Approaching Geologic Variability with Outcrop Confidence, Geotechnical Complexity, and Quality Levels"

#2: "Reconnaissance-level terrestrial photogrammetry of rock slopes"
Meeting Speaker Topic
November 14 Dr. Jonathan Bray
UC Berkeley
"Building Near Faults"
October 9 Woodrow (Woody) Higdon
President, Geo-Tech Imagery
"Computer Based Stereo Photo Analysis for Geologists"
September 4 Dr. Scott Burns
Portland State University and the GSA/AEG 2011 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
"Urban Landslides, Challenges to Forensic Engineering Geologists"
August 14 Mr. Richard Slade
Upper Los Angeles River Area (ULARA) Watermaster
"Watermastering the ULARA Groundwater Basins"
June 12 Dr. Egill Hauksson
Senior Research Associate in Geophysics at the California Institute of Technology
"The Goldilocks Seismicity of Southern California"
April 10 Jeffrey R Keaton,PhD, PE, PG
AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
"Scour at Bridge Foundations on Rock: NCHRP Project 24-29 Overview"

Joseph Wartman,Ph.D., P.E.
University of Washington
February 16 Fred Burnet, CEG
City of Los Angeles,
Department of Public Works
"EPB Tunnel Drive of Avenue 45 and Arroyo Drive Relief Sewer, City of Los Angeles"
Meeting Speaker Topic
November 8 David L. Perry
Amec Engineering Consulting
"Subsurface Characterization at LADWP Headworks Reservoir Site, City of Los Angeles"
August 9 Dr. Craig Davis,
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
"Reconnaissance of Damage to Infrastructure That Occurred During the Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquake, February 2011"
April 12 Jeremy Lancaster, P.G., C.E.G.,
California Geological Survey
"Modeling Alluvial Fan Flood Hazards Using Surficial Geologic Maps: Methodology, Tools, and Data"
March 8 Bruce Schell,
Schell Geological Consulting
February No Section Meeting in February
January 11 Dr. Bill Haneberg,
2011 GSA/AEG Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
"Making the Most of Airborne LiDAR for Engineering Geologic Applications"
Meeting Speaker Topic
December No Section Meeting in December
November 9 Bruce Hilton,
AEG President and Chief Engineering Geologist, Kleinfelder
"Engineering-Geologic Challenges Regarding High Speed Trains through California"
October No Section Meeting in October
September No Section Meeting in September

Attend the AEG Annual Meeting, Charleston, SC
September 20-25, 2010
August 11 Duane T. Kreuger, P.G,
Environmental Group Manager, Geotechnology, Inc. & AEG National President
"Environmental Consulting – Where We’re at and Where We’re Going"
July 14 Robert E. Tepel, Member California State Mining and Geology Board "Political And Scientific Considerations In The Review Of The Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act Of 1972."
June 8 Jeffrey Keaton, Ph.D, P.G., P.E., MACTEC and
Richard J. Roth, Jr., Consulting Insurance Actuary, Huntington Beach, CA
"An Insurance Perspective of Landslide Inventory Maps and a Simple Engineering Geological Approach Useful for Insuring Landslides"
May 12 Frank Denison, P.G., C.E.G. "Review of the Literature on Site Effects and Structural Focusing at the I-5 and H 14 bridges in the San Fernando Valley from the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake"
April 13 Timothy A. Nicely, P.G., C.H.G., Project Hydrogeologist, Fugro West, Inc. "Hydrogeologic Studies Related to Effluent Disposal for the Expansion of a Proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant,Nipomo, California"
March 17 Hannes H. Richter, G.E., Geofirm/Stoney-Miller Consultants, Inc. Joint ASCE/AEG Meeting
"Case History of the June 1, 2005 Bluebird Canyon Landslide"
March 1 2010 GSA/AEG Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
Dr. Paul Marinos, National Technical University of Athens
"Ongoing challenges in Engineering Geology for Tunnelling in Difficult Ground"
Meeting Speaker Topic
November Stephen L. Varnell, P.G., C.E.G., Project Geologist, Fugro West, Inc. "Geologic Studies and Seismic Source Model for a Proposed New Ocean Outfall, San Pedro Shelf, California"
August Eldon Gath, Earth Consultants International "The Santa Ana Moutains: Indenter-Driven Seismotectonics of The OC"
July J. David Rogers, Dept. of Geological Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology "Reassessment of the St. Francis Dam Failure"
June Mark P. Molinari, P.G., C.E.G., C.H.G., Principal Geologist, URS Corporation, 2008-2009 AEG President "Practical Applications of Airborne LiDAR Data for Environmental and Engineering Geology Projects"
May Marshall Lew, PhD, GE, MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc. "Earthquake Reconnaisance In China"
April George Dunfield, PG, California Board for Geologists and Geophysicists "Public-Private Partnerships: Functional Application of the Shared Responsibility principle for UTILIZING Professional Standards"
March Edmund Medley, Ph.D., P.E., C.E.G., F.ASCE, Senior Consultant, Geosyntec Consultants Joint Meeting with ASCE

"The Comforts of Ignorance and the Benefits of Arrogance - Lessons of the Failure Kind for the Geopractitioner"
February Jeffrey R. Keaton, Ph.D., P.E., P.G., F.ASCE, F.GSA, Senior Principal Engineering Geologist, MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc. "Guidelines for Evaluating Scour at Bridge Foundations on Rock: Status of NCHRP Project 24-29"
January George Dunfield, California Board for Geologists and Geophysicists "Public-Private Partnerships: Functional Application of the Shared Responsibility principle for UTILIZING Professional Standards"
Meeting Speaker Topic
November Dr. Phil Hogan, P.G., C.E.G., Principal Marine Engineering Geologist, Fugro West, Inc. "Geohazard Challenges of the Woodside OceanWay LNG Development, Offshore Southern California"
October **Joint Meeting with South Coast Geologic Society**
Dr. Jeffrey A. Johnson, P.G., C.E.G
"A Preliminary Case for Secondary Tectonic Distress in the Epicentral Region of the M6.7 1994 Northridge Earthquake"
September No Dinner Meeting In September,
See you in New Orleans, LA for the AEG Annual Meeting,
September 15-20, 2008
August William C. Tracy, PG, CEG, CHg, Gp
James R. Steele, PG, CEG, CHg (Co-author)
"Paleocurrent Indicators and Fault Related Folding, Mission Ridge Fault, Santa Barbara Coastal Plain, Santa Barbara County, California"
July No Speaker. Discussion of Section issues: revising Section Bylaws, activating committees, field trip ideas, a proposed committee regarding guidelines for performing Residential Geologic Evaluation for ownership transfer, and student participation and support
June Antony Martin, P.GP., Technical Director, GEOVision Geophysical Services, Corona, California "Application of Surface and Borehole Shear Wave Geophysical Techniques to Engineering Investigations"
May Eldon Gath, Tom Rockwell, and Tania Gonzalez,
Earth Consultants International
"Tectonic Geomorphic and Paleoseismic Investigations for the Panama Canal Expansion Project"
April Hugh Robertson, R.G., C.E.G, President and Principal Geologist, Robertson Geotechnical, Inc. "Homeowner Slope Repairs-Professional Duty or Liability Snake Pit?"
March Paul Somerville, Ph.D., Principal Seismologist, URS Corporation "Basin Effects on Strong Ground Motions, and their Representation in the NGA Models "
February David L. Perry, C.E.G., Senior Engineering Geologist, MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc. "Locating the Raymond Fault at Two Developed Urban Sites in the Highland Park District of Los Angeles, California"
Meeting Speaker Topic
Happy Holidays
November Mark Johnsson, Senior Engineering Geologist, California Coastal Commission "Geohazard Criteria for Development and Redevelopment Attop Coastal Bluffs in California"
August Mark G. Olson, President Advanced Geoscience, Inc. "Applications of Seismic Reflection, Refraction, and MASW Profiling for Subsurface Geologic Investigations from Lake Elsinore to Hawaii"
July John E. Newby, P.E., G.E., Senior Vice President, CDM "Geotechnical Aspects of the King County Brightwater Conveyance System"
June Ory Dor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Southern California "Pulverized rocks and the depth of dynamic damage generation along the Mojave section of the San Andreas Fault"
May Lorraine Leon, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Southern California "Borehole and high-resolution seismic reflection evidence for Holocene activity on the Compton blind-thrust fault, Los Angeles basin, California"
March Jeffrey R. Keaton, PhD, PE, PG, F.ASCE
Senior Principal Engineering Geologist
MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc
"Shaking Things Up with a Modified ‘Active Fault’ Definition:
A Case History of a School Site near the 1971 San Fernando Fault"
February Terry West, AEG National President "Solid Waste Disposal, Past, Present and Future"
January Charles Nestle, LA County
Roz Munro, Mactec
"New Orleans, Louisiana and Southwestern Coast, Mississippi: An Informal Pictorial Tour of Recent Conditions in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina"
Meeting Speaker Topic
December No Meeting in December
Next meeting: Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

November Morton Price, City of Los Angeles
"Mitigation Measures for Tunneling Through a Groundwater Gallery with a Hard Rock Shielded Tunnel Boring Machine, Los Angeles, California"
October Dr. Gary Peterson
"Evolution of Granitic Landscapes"

(Joint Meeting, South Coast Geological Society)
"No meeting due to speaker cancellation"
July Darrel W. Schmitz, Ph.D., P.G.
"Katrina: Geologic, Disaster, and Personal Perspectives"
August Jerry Treiman
"The Long-Awaited Parkfield Earthquake, September 28, 2004"
July Darrel W. Schmitz, Ph.D., P.G.
"Katrina: Geologic, Disaster, and Personal Perspectives"
June Bill Cotton
"Earthquake-Induced Ground Failures: A Historical Perspective Using the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 as a Starting Point"
May Dr. Jeffrey R. Keaton
"Consensus Definition of Earth Fissures and Overview of AEG Shlemon Specialty Conference"
April Woodrow Higdon
"Bluebird Canyon Landslides: Past, Present, & Future "
March Dr. Jerry Higgins-Jahns Lecturer
"Rock-Fall Analysis and Mitigation"
February Miles D. Kenney, Ph.D.
“Late Quaternary deformation and sedimentation history, Coachella fan area........”
January Bruce A. Schell
“Faulting and Earthquake Hazards in the Los Angeles Basin Area”
Meeting Speaker Topic
December ***No Meeting this Month***  
November Dr. Randall Jibson
"The La Conchita Landslides of 1995 and 2005"
October Dr. John Foster
"Echo Landslide"
September   There is NO Speaker or Meeting this month
August Mr. John Parrish
“California Geological Survey”
July Matt Werner
“Dealing With Uncertainty Regarding The Chemistry of Drinking Water Wells—An Example From the City of Riverside”
June Dale S. Kunitomi
“Climate Change: The Paradox of Global Warming Causing A New Ice Age”
May Dr. Joyce Blueford
AEG-CCGO joint meeting and CCGO Fundraiser & Earthquake History Preserved in Tyson Lagoon: A New Environmental Wetland Center that Happens to be Right on the Hayward Fault!
April Thomas Heaton
“How will high-rise buildings respond in very large earthquakes?”
March Gary Luce & Dave Bieber
“Reconstruction of the Historic Virginia and Truckee Railroad, Lyon, Storey, and Carson Counties, Nevada”
February Richard C. Slade
“Regional Hydrogeologic Conditions in the Alluvial and Saugus Formation Aquifer Systems, Santa Clarita Valley, Los Angeles County”
January Mark McLarty and Jeffrey Geraci
“Stabilization of a Southern California Coastal Bluff Using Ultrafine Cement Grout and Cement-Treated Soil”
Meeting Speaker Topic
There is NO Speaker or Meeting this month
November Roy J. Shlemon
“The 32nd International Geological Congress, August 2004, Florence, Italy: Geology, Renaissance Culture and Much Fun”
October Benjamin T. Benumof, Ph.D., Esq.
The Foreseeability of “Unforeseen” Geologic Conditions
September Dr. John Parrish – Executive Officer, State Mining and Geology Board, and Mr. Paul Sweeney – Executive Director, Board of Registration for Geologists and Geophysicists
"California Performance Review Report as it Pertains to our Profession"
August Dr. Robert D. Jackson
“Maximum Magnitude for a Fault?”
There is NO Speaker or Meeting this month
June Dr. Maria Teresa Ramirez
“Active tectonics, the Mexican subduction zone and the Pacific coast of Mexico: the Guerrero Gap and Jalisco Coast”
May Dr. Tanya Atwater, U.C.S.B.
“Plate Tectonics of Western North America"
April Ali Bastani, Ph.D,. GE, Leighton Consulting, Inc.
“Bam, Iran Earthquake of December 26, 2003"
March Paul Frost and Mark Gamache, Engineers, California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources
“Urban Development of Oil Fields in the Los Angeles Basin Area, 1983 to 2001"
February Mr. David Simon, AEG President
“A Truly Viable Association Once Again” and “Holocene Faulting Near Piute Dam, Piute County, Utah”
January Ted Wolfe (Pacific Soils Engineering) and
Steve Yurosek (Sukut Construction)
“Key Issues for Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies” or “Is Your Next Project Feasible”
Meeting Speaker Topic
December Student Presentations 11-15 Students from Local Universities
November Dr. Jonathan D. Bray, Ph.D., P.E. Developing Mitigation Measures for the Hazards Associated with Earthquake Surface Fault Rupture
Click here to read Dr. Bray's paper on fault rupture mitigation.
October Ms. Amanda Elioff (Parsons Brinckerhoff) & Mr. Carl Kim (Mactec) Geotechnical Issues During Design of the East-Side Light Rail Transit System in East Los Angeles
September   This month's dinner meeting will not be held, in light of the AEG National Meeting in Vail, Colorado.
August Shari Christofferson Determination of Paleoearthquakes, Slip per Event Data, and a Holocene Slip Rate for the Puente Hills Blind-Thrust Fault, Los Angeles, California
July Eldon Gath Uplift of the Puente Hills and Santa Monica Mountains
June Dr. Kerry Sieh The Denali, Alaska Earthquake of 2002
May Dr. Chester F. (Skip) Watts Rockslides: Case Histories and Common Misconceptions
April Christopher M. Diaz and Allen M. Yourman, Jr. Pier T and Pier 400 Container Terminal Buildings Ground Improvement
March Jeff Keaton
Amec Earth & Environmental
Ground motion for design of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge in Arizona-Nevada.
February Tom Anderson
California Division of Mines & Geology
Mineral resource scarcity confronting the construction industry in California
January Woodrow “Woody” Higdon
Geo-Tech Imagery
MapInfo GIS Software Applications
Meeting Speaker Topic
October Mark G. Olson
Advanced Geoscience, Inc.
Recent examples of seismic reflection and refraction surveys for Southern California engineering geology projects
September Hugh Robertson
Robertson Geotechnical

David Seymour

Buzz Spellman

Mike Hart

Robertson: “If I could do it over again,” some simple tips to stay out of trouble in Malibu

Seymour: Lessons learned in the Norco Dairyland

Spellman: How 3 degree bedding in La Habra can ruin your day

Hart: When is a stream terrace a landslide, and how not to determine the difference

June Joshua Feffer
Exponent Failure Analysis Associates
History of construction of the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.
April Bob Watters
Univ.of Nevada-Reno
Jahns Lecturer
Realism in volcano hazard zonation: Does geo-engineering help provide more accurate assessment?