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Joint Meeting with the South Coast Geological Society

Date: Tuesday, October 10th
Location: Stevenís Steak House, 5332 Stevens Place, Costa Mesa, California

Time: 6:00 p.m.-Social Hour; 7:00 p.m.-Dinner; 7:45 p.m.-Presentation

Cost: $30 per person with reservations, $35 at the door, $15 for students with a valid Student ID

Reservations: Please call (323) 889-5366 or email

SPEAKER: Dr. Gary Peterson, San Diego State University
TOPIC: Evolution of Granitic Landscapes


Cretaceous granitic rocks dominate the Sierra Nevada and Peninsula Ranges. They formed deep within the earth and have been uplifted several times resulting in pressure-relief jointing, the most prominent of which are exfoliation joints. Other vertical joints have chopped the rocks into blocks and weathering rounded the corners to provide beautiful examples of spheroidal weathered terrain. Joints of all ages indicate that the expansion and breaking is an ongoing process at the present.


Gary received his BA from the University of Colorado. His graduate work (MS, PhD) was completed at the University of Washington and he has been teaching with San Diego State University since 1963. His main interest is in Planetary Geology, but he has lived on a granitic landscape for the past 45 years and would like to share some observations and thoughts with geologists having similar interests.