Serving professionals in engineering, environmental,
and groundwater geology since 1957
What is AEG?

The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) is an international, non-profit scientific and technical society, whose 3,000 members include geologists specializing in engineering geology, environmental geology, and ground-water geology as well as other professionals in affiliated fields, such as civil and mining engineering, land-use planning, public policy and education.

AEG was developed to meet the professional needs of geologists who are applying their scientific training and experience to the broad field of civil and environmental engineering. Engineering geologists work in close coordination with construction, foundation and highway engineers, hydraulic engineers and hydrologists and with environmental professionals in environmental remediation, city planning and natural hazard risk reduction.

The mission of AEG is to provide leadership in the development and application of geologic principles and knowledge to serve engineering, environmental and public needs. AEG members represent geological engineers and geologists in practice, academic and governmental positions.