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Joint meeting with ASCE

***Tuesday, March 8, 2011***
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Speaker: Bruce Schell, P.G., C.E.G.

Location: Stevens Steakhouse
5332 Stevens Place, Commerce, CA
(323) 721-2874

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 8, 2011
6:00 p.m.-Social Hour; 7:00 p.m.-Dinner; 7:45 p.m.-Presentation

Cost: $30 per person with reservations, $35 without reservations,
$15 with a valid Student ID

RSVP: Please e-mail Dave Perry at
or call (323) 889-5326

In this presentation he will discuss important and interesting aspects accumulated from several of his local fault studies over the past few years. The discussion will integrate some recent published information, but he will emphasize important unpublished data of a nature that is of significance and interest to most practicing geologists, and which may alter the way we think about some local faults. He will focus on faults in the Los Angeles region such as the Malibu Coast, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Raymond, Eagle Rock-San Rafael, Alhambra Wash, Sylmar, Inglewood, northern Palos Verdes, Peralta Hills, and El Modeno faults. If time permits he may add the Fontana Seismic Zone. Hopefully, the presentation will evoke a give and take with members of the audience who have also conducted similar investigations and together we will gain some insights that we can use in our future investigations.
Speaker Biography:
Bruce Schell is an independent consulting geologist (PG, CEG) specializing in seismic hazards investigations. He began his independent practice of Schell Geological Consulting in 1988 after about 15 years with the Earth Technology Corp. where he worked primarily on large national and international projects such as the nuclear power plants, nuclear waste repositories, military/defense facilities, offshore oil platforms, dams, pipelines, and ports. Since going independent he has concentrated his efforts in the western U.S, primarily in southern California and the San Francisco Bay area.

Mr. Schell specializes in identification and location of geological faults, evaluating their earthquake potential (frequency, magnitude, recurrence intervals), determining the amount, type, and direction of displacements, and earthquake probabilities. Over the substantial length of his career (~40 years) he has evaluated hundreds of faults and has excavated well over a thousand trenches. These studies typically employ the geological disciplines of aerial photograpy, geomorphology, soil stratigraphy, seismology, rock mechanics, and geophysics. He has published dozens of scientific papers on his research and project work. Recent papers include “Geologic Structure and Earthquake Hazard of the Palos Verdes Fault” in 2007 Pacific Section SEPM Book 103 and “Holocene faulting in the San Bernardino Valley Area” in 2008 AEG Bulletin.