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Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2005
Location: Steven’s Steak House, 5332 Stevens Place, Commerce, California
Time: 6:00 p.m.-Social Hour; 7:00 p.m.-Dinner; 7:45 p.m.-Presentation

Cost: $30 per person with reservations, $35 at the door, $15 for students with a valid Student ID
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By noon, Monday, February 7, 2005

PRESENTERS: Richard C. Slade
TOPIC: “Regional Hydrogeologic Conditions in the Alluvial and Saugus Formation Aquifer Systems, Santa Clarita Valley, Los Angeles County”


Since 1986, Richard Slade has been involved in defining and developing the groundwater resources for the various municipal-supply purveyors within the Santa Clarita Valley of northern Los Angeles County. Two principal aquifer systems are recognized: the alluvial system along the main reach of the Santa Clara River and its major tributaries on the north and south sides of the river; and the Saugus Formation which underlies the alluvial aquifer system and which is also exposed on the adjoining hillsides of the Valley.

Underlying the Saugus Formation and also exposed at higher elevations on the hillsides which adjoin the Valley are a series of geologically older, well consolidated and/or cemented sedimentary rocks which are not considered a part of the local groundwater reservoir.

The presentation will describe the various RCS groundwater projects in the Valley over the years that have helped define the groundwater basin and its two aquifer systems. Important changes in the database on water wells, water levels, water quality, and electric logs, etc., will be identified. Slides will be presented to illustrate: The Valley-wide surface geology and faults; key characteristics of each aquifer system; historic groundwater elevations in key wells in the two aquifers; groundwater flow directions; thicknesses of the aquifers; and groundwater quality.


Richard Slade has a BA degree in Geology from UCLA (January 1966) and an MS Degree in Engineering Geology from USC (1974). He is a Professional Geologist and Certified Engineering Geologist in California, and is also licensed as a Geologist in Arizona and Idaho.

Mr. Slade began his career in 1967 in the Geology Section of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, where he worked on groundwater issues relating to the then-proposed tunnels and/or reservoirs for the State Water Project, and also worked as Resident Geologist for a few large diameter tunnels being constructed by tunnel boring machines.

Between 1970 and 1983, Mr. Slade worked as a hydrogeologist and engineering geologist for Geotechnical Consultants, Inc., and was responsible for most of the groundwater resource development projects being conducted by the firm over those years.

Mr. Slade founded Richard C. Slade & Associates LLC, Consulting Groundwater Geologist, where he continues as President and Principal Groundwater Geologist. The main RCS office is in North Hollywood, and there is a satellite office in the Napa Valley.

RCS provides consulting services to A&Es, attorneys, cities, water districts, vineyards and wineries in various aspects of groundwater resources. Over the years, RCS has sited and designed hundreds of water wells for municipal-supply and irrigation-supply purposes, has conducted several hundred pumping (aquifer) tests, has provided expert witness services in groundwater and in groundwater contamination, and continues to help its clients in developing and maintaining their local groundwater resources.