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and groundwater geology since 1957

Gold Petras Sponsor ($500.00 or more donation)

John Gregg, President, and Kelly Roberston, Gregg Drilling and Testing, Inc., Gregg In Situ, Inc., Signal Hill, CA


Silver Petras Sponsor ($250.00 or more donation)


Roy J. Shlemon, Ph. D., Newport Beach, California;

Arlan Ruen, President, Ruen Drilling International, Inc., Ruen Drilling, Inc., Clark Fork, Idaho & Modesto, California

Antony J. Martin, Vice President and Technical Director, GEOVision Geophysical Services, Inc., Corona, CA.

Richard R. Gundry, Inland Geologic, Moreno Valley, CA

Joseph L. Aldern, Regional Manager, Kleinfelder Inland Empire, Redlands, California;


Petras Sponsor ($50.00 or more donation, some up to $100 and $200)

Richard L. Orr, Leighton Group Of Companies, Leighton and Associates, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, California;

N. Thomas Sheahan, Vice-President, Geomatrix Consultants Inc., Inland Empire Office, Corona, California;

Steven C. Suitt, Principal, Steven C. Suitt and Associates, Canyon Lake, California;

Kerry Cato, Ph.D., President, Cato Geosciences, Inc., Temecula, California;

Jeffrey R. Keaton, Ph.D., Senior Principal Engineering Geologist, MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc., Los Angeles, California;

Robert Riha, Leighton Consulting, Temecula, California.

Matt Hawley, Lawson & Associates Geotechnical Consulting, Inc.

Glenn Borchardt, Soil Tectonics, Berkeley, California;

David L. Perry, Engineering Geologist, MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc., Los Angeles, California;

David J. Gadie, Assistant County Geologist, Riverside County Planning Department, Riverside, California;

Tracy Houghten, Houghten Backhoe & Excavation, Temecula, CA
(951) 515-4176


PETRAS Sponsor

"Petras" is a Latin term for a large rock edifice, monolith or massif of strength (eg., Rock of Gibralter), as different to "petros", a term for a rock or stone, something one can pick up. It can mean something like a cornerstone, such as one set for the foundation of a building something strong and set first from which a foundation is built for a larger structure needing the strength.

The distinguishing point is donations that recognize interest and generosity building foundational financial support to the Inland Empire Chapter in this inaugural year. And, ones that certainly take an immediate, bold and positive step. A solid contribution/donation of $50.00 or more is a Petras Sponsor. A contribution of $250 or more is a Silver Petras Sponsor. A contribution of $500 is a Gold Petras Sponsor. Other, smaller donations are requested, and are as important. All donors will be recognized.