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October 17, 2007. Cal Poly Pomona students at the Inland Chapter meeting in Temecula.

Left to right: Jessy Bruns, Julie Brown, Rick Gundry (Chapter Newsletter Editor), Dr. JeffreyMarshall (Speaker), Robert Ellis, Mike Cook (Chapter President), Daniel Heaton, Kayla Kroll, Lauren Carey, Kim Poste

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September 15, 2007. Officers and Chairpersons from the Inland Chapter beginning to the present (2005-2007):

Back Row (Left to Right): Frank Jordan, 1st Chapter President (2005), 1st Chapter Past President (2006), Vice President South (2006-2007); David Gaddie, Secretary (2006-2007); Scott Mathis, Vice President South (2006); Rick Gundry, Chapter President (2006-2007, Treasurer (2005 and 2006); Dr. Kerry Cato, Webmaster and Communications Chair (2005, 2006, 2006-2007); Mark Spykerman (Field Trip Chairman 2006, 2006-2007).
Front Row: Roz Munroe, Section Chairwoman, Southern California Section (2006-2007); Mitch Bornyasz, Vice President South (2007); Gary Wallace, 2nd Past Chapter President (Chapter President, 2006); Mike Cook, Vice President North (Secretary 2006); Doug Cook, Treasurer (Vice President North, 2006) not pictured: Richard Orr, Membership Chairman (2005, 2006, 2006-2007).