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Serving professionals in engineering, environmental,
and groundwater geology since 1957

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
January 17 Gerry Kasman, CEG,
"Fault Hazard Explorations In a Deep Alluvial/Limited Space Environment" Temecula
Aftershock Brewery

Meetings are usually held the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
October 18 Dr. Chris Milner,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
"How Do Fault Systems Release Strain? Insights Using Novel Geodetic Imaging Techniques" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Restaurant
September 20 Eduardo Hernandez, PE,
Principal Engineer, Project X Corrosion Engineering
"Corrosion Evaluations for Geotechnical Engineering: What IS a Corrosion Engineer Looking For?" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Restaurant
June 21 Jonathan C. Matti,
Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey
Pinnacle Peak Restaurant
May 24 Dr. Scott A. Anderson,
Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer for 2016-2017
"Solid as a Rock: How engineering geology relates to transportation asset management" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Restaurant
April 19 Greg Johnson,
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
"Going Three-Roundswith an Active Landslide",Hume Road Landslide, Malibu, CA Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
April 5 Claudia Faunt, Ph.D, P.E.,
"Water Availability and Sustainability in California's Central Valley: Past, Present, and Future" Riverside
UC Riverside
March 15 Dr. Joan E. Fryxell,
CSU San Bernardino
"Extensional Development of the Horse Range, Nye County, NV" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
February 15 Robert G. Taylor, P. G.,
Forest Hydrologist,
DWR FERC IDT Leader Forest Service
"United States Forest Service Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) program using local and recent fire examples." Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
January 18 Dr. Norman Meek,
Chair of Geography,
CSU San Bernardino
"Evidence for Middle Pleistocene surface upli5 of the northern Cady Mountains, central Mojave Desert, CA" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
December 14 Dr. Jeff Keaton,
Amec Foster Wheeler
"Innovative Modification to Improve Resilience of the Los Angeles Aqueduct after the next San Andreas Earthquake" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
November 09 Holly Nichols,
California Department of Water Resources
"Seismic Remediation of Perris Dam – Design Concept and Update on Construction Progress" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
October 19 Dr. Andy Ridgwell,
University of California Riverside
"Can the Past Inform the Future" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
June 15 Goeff Cromwell and Greg Mendez,
USGS, San Diego
"3D hydrogeologic framework model of the Yucaipa Basin" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
May 3 Anne Rosinski,
California Geological Survey
"California Earthquake Clearinghouse" Riverside
Old Spaghetti Factory
April 21 Jerome De Graff
2016 AEG-GSA Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
"Fire, earth & rain: emergency response for wildfire-induced landslide hazards" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
March 16 Dr. David Oglesby
University of California at Riverside
"Chasing Rainbows -or- What Can Surface Slip Tell Us About Fault Connectivity at Depth" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
February 17 Dr. Sally McGill
Geological Sciences, California State University at San Bernardino
"Distribution of fault slip across the Pacific-North America plate boundary in southern California: Recent results from geologic and geodetic studies" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
January 21 Dr. Peter Robertson
Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc.
"An Introduction to the CPT for geotechnical and geo-environmental applications" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
December 09 Jeffrey R Keaton
Amec Foster Wheeler, Los Angeles, CA
"Earthquake Ground Motion for Design of Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge (US Highway 93)" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
November 12 Dr. Norman Meek
California State University, San Bernardino
"How (In)Effective is the Headward Erosion Process" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
October 21 Dr. Jonathan C. Matti
U.S. Geological Survey
"The San Andreas Fault system in the Inland Empire region: What is known and what remains to be known" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse
June 17 Dr. John Izbicki
USGS and this year's Groundwater Resources Association
David Keith Todd Distinguished Lecturer
"Using Disparate, Process-Oriented Data to Solve Hydrologic Problems" Colton
Pinnacle Peak
May 30
Annual Chapter Short Course
RISK Short Course: The Many Facets of Geologic Risk

May 02
Annual Chapter Field Trip
"An Uplifting Experience: The Cajon Valley: 70 Ma of Textbook Geology"

March 30 Eldon Gath
Earth Consultants International
2015 AEG/GSA Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
"Natural Hazard Identification, Impact Analysis, and Risk Assessment for Community Disaster Mitigation Planning" UC Riverside
Geology Dept
February 18 Gareth Funning
UC Riverside
"The 2014 South Napa, California earthquake: a complex event on an (almost) unknown fault" Riverside
Cask 'n Cleaver
January 21 Desmond Chung
Geobrugg North America, LLC
"Dirt Can Hurt: Utilizing Flexible Solutions" Corona
Marie Calanders

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
November 13 Austin Marshall
Mine Manager, Mitsubishi Cement Corporation
"Planning & Permitting Process for Mitsubishi Cement Corporation's South Quarry Expansion" Lake Elsinore
Lonestar Steakhouse
October 15 Ron Lin II
Los Angeles Times
"Mapping the Hollywood Fault" Rancho Cucamonga
Old Spaghetti Factory
June 11 Hans van de Vrugt
Southwest Geophysics
"Advancement in Fundamentals of Various Geophysical Methods and Instrumentation" Lake Elsinore
Lonestar Steakhouse
May 31
May 2014 Annual Chapter Short Course

"2013 California Building Code Update"

Jennifer Thornburg, California Geological Survey
Dr. Jorge Meneses, GEI Consultants, Carlsbad, CA

San Bernardino Elks Lodge, 2055 Elks Dr., San Bernardino, CA
April 16 Ed Larue
Circle Mountain Biological Consultants, Inc.
"Desert Tortoise Detection and Occurrence in the Morongo Basin" Riverside
Red Lobster Restaurant
March 19 Ron Skaggs
Condor Earth Technologies, Inc

Kerry Cato
Cato Geoscience, Inc
"Investigation, Design, and Construction Of The Oak Mountain Wine Tunnel; With Examples of Tunneling From the Napa Valley" Temecula
Oak Mountain Winery
February 27 Dr. Greg Hempen,
URS, St. Louis, MO
2nd February Meeting of the Chapter
"Kaboom! (or whoosh?)
[AKA: Mitigating Blasting Impacts without Diminishing Effectiveness]"

"2014 AEG/GSA Jahns Lecturer In Southern California"
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February 6 Dr. Frederick Chester,
Texas A&M University
1st February Meeting of the Chapter
Joint Societies Meeting (co-sponsored by SME, IGS, & AEG_IE)

CSU-San Bernardino
Obershaw Dining Room

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
December 12 Tony Morgan,
United Water Conservation District, Santa Paula, CA
Cask n' Cleaver
November 13 Stanley M. Miller, PhD, PE,
CPESC, Senior Engineer,
STRATA, Inc., Pullman, WA
"Reinforcement Patterns for Rock-Slope Stabilization: From Data Collection to Design Calculations" Temecula
Marie Calendar's
October 16 Stephen Testa,
Executive Officer, California State Mining & Geology Board
"State Mining and Geology Board - Then and Now" Rancho Cucamonga
The Old Spaghetti Factory
July 18 Dr. Keith Meldahl,
Professor, Mira Costa College
"ROUGH HEWN LAND: A Geologic Journey from California to the Rocky Mountains" Temecula
Temecula Public Library
June 12 Mike Hart,
San Diego, CA.
"WHEN LANDSLIDES ARE MISINTERPRETED AS FAULTS Or, Your fault is My Landslide (sometimes)" Temecula
Marie Callender's
May 11 2013 Annual Chapter Field Trip

Wildomar Fault, Elsinore Graben and Development Challenges,
and Vulcan Quarry (Corona)

April 25 Brandon Griffiths,
Rio Tinto Minerals - Boron Operations
"Hydrology and Engineering Geology Required To Manage Pit Stability At The Rio Tinto Boron Mine" San Bernardino
March 21 Dr. David Lynch,
U.S. Geological Survey - Caltech
"Recently-Exposed Fumaroles At The Edge Of The Salton Sea" Rancho Cucamonga
The Old Spaghetti Factory
Dr. James P. McCalpin, GEO-HAZ Consulting, Inc
"Paleoseismology; Has it Reduced Seismic Hazards, and if not, How Do We Change Course?"

Monday February 18 - 1:00 - 2:00 pm: CSU-San Bernardino
Paleoseismology; Has it Reduced Seismic Hazards, and if not, How Do We Change Course?

Tuesday February 19 - 11:00 – 12:00: Cal Poly Pomona
LiDAR Reveals the Bare Earth: LiDAR Geomorphology and its Applications to Engineering Geology

Tuesday February 19 - 3:00 – 4:00 pm: UC Riverside
The Mountains Are Falling Apart; A Spectrum of Mass Failures from Landslides through Deep-Seated Gravitational Spreading (Sackung), to "Unfolding" of Folds

Geology Dept,
Cal Poly Pomona
January 16 Dr. Miles Kenney
Kenny GeoScience
"Quaternary structure and stratigraphy of the Century City/Cheviot Hills area associated with interactions of the Santa Monica and Newport-Inglewood Fault Zones, California" Temecula
Temecula Library

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
December 11 Dr. Doug Yule
CSU - Northridge
"Probability of Through-going San Andreas Fault Rupture In San Gorgonio Pass" Rancho Cucamonga
Cask n' Cleaver
November 14 Jim Larwood, AECOM "Characterization and Remediation of Deep Multi-Aquifer Systems Critical and Innovative Planning Strategies" Temecula
Marie Callender's
October 23 Dr. Roy Shlemon
Roy Shlemon & Associates
Newport Beach, CA
"A Proposed Mid-Holocene Age Definition for Hazardous Faults in California" Corona
Marie Callender's
June 9
Annual 1-Day FIELD TRIP

Geology and Geologic Hazards and Other Cool Stuff
Along Portions of Hwy 18 and Hwy 330

May 12
Annual 1-Day Short Course - Jointly Sponsored
AEG-Inland Empire Chapter and the
American Society of Civil Engineers-San Bernardino/Riverside Geotechnical Committee

Landslides and Slope Stability
For Geologists & Geotechnical Engineers

University of California - Riverside, Extension

April 12 Southern California Earth Resources Awareness Meeting
A Joint Meeting
Society of Mining, Metallurgy, Inland Geological Society Association of
Environmental & Exploration Engineering Geologists
Inland Empire Chapter

  Brock O'Kelley
"An Update On Project Phoenix, The Re-opening Of The Modernized Mountain Pass Rare Earth Element Mine, California"

San Bernardino
  And "20th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Department Of Geological Sciences At California State University, San Bernardino"
March 22 Dr. Scott Burns
Portland State University and the GSA/AEG 2011 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
"Urban Landslides, Challenges to Forensic Engineering Geologists" CSU-
San Bernardino
March 20 Additional Talk "Cataclysms on the Columbia, the Great Missoula Floods" Hewett Club
UC-Riverside Earth Sciences Dept.
February 16 Stephen Testa,
Executive Officer CA SMGB

"Historical Development of the Petroleum Industry in California"

Oil-Industry History Volume 8 Nov 1 2007.pdf 

Temecula Public Library
January 18 John A. Izbicki,
"In-situ arsenic removal during groundwater recharge through unsaturated alluvium" Rancho Cucamonga
Spaghetti Factory

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
November 17 Stephan E. Jacobs,
Consultant Engineering Geologist
San Diego
"Yellowstone National Park, 2010, from the Eyes of a Geologist" Temecula
Temecula Public Library
October 27 Alan Smith,
CSU-San Bernardino
"Volcanic Hazards of the Lesser Antilles Archipelago" UC-Riverside

May 21
2011 Inland Chapter Short Course UC-Riverside-Extension

New Building Code & Regulations

April 9
2011 Annual Chapter Field Trip

Water and the San Bernardino Mountains - The Good, The Bad and The Muddy

March 23 Hans Van de Vrugt,
Southwest Geophysics, Inc.
"Geophysical Applications on Environmental, Geotechnical, Construction, and Forensic Projects" Lake Elsinore
Sizzler Restaurant
February 16 Bruce Schell ,
Schell Geological Consulting
"Reflections and Synthesis of Inland Empire Fault Studies" Rancho Cucamonga
The Old Spaghetti Factory
January 12 Dr. Bill Haneberg,
2011 GSA/AEG Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
"I Left My Probability Density Function in San Francisco" Colton
Pinnacle Peak Steak House
Dr. Haneberg's other talks
in the Inland Empire
Jan 11,Tuesday, 3pm, CSU-San Bernardino, Geoscience Dept, San Bernardino, CA
Livin‚ La Vida LiDAR

Jan 12,Wednesday,10am CSU-Pomona, Geoscience Dept, Pomona, CA
Making the Most of Airborne LiDAR for Engineering Geologic Applications

Jan 12,Wednesday:2pm, UC-Riverside, Geoscience Dept., Riverside, CA
The Landslide That Ate Laprak.

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
December 8 Miles Kenney,PhD, PG
Kenney GeoScience
"Aeolian sand systems in southeastern California since the latest Pleistocene and their evaluation regarding potential impacts associated with solar energy projects" Hemet
Western Science Center
November 10 Bruce Hilton
Kleinfelder, Sacramento, CA & President, Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists
"Martis Creek Dam –The Discovery of a New Capable Fault in Tahoe Basin" UC-Riverside
Earth Sciences Department Courtyard
October 20 Thomas K. Rockwell, PhD
Department of Geological Sciences, San Diego State University
"The El Mayor/Cucapah Earthquake, Another Complicated Rupture On A Low Slip Rate Fault" CSU
San Bernardino
September No Chapter Meeting in September

Attend the AEG Annual Meeting, Charleston, SC
September 20-25, 2010
August 18 Anthony F. Severini
Environmental Support Technologies, Irvine, California
"Soil Gas Surveys – Do’s and Don’ts, Myths and Truths" Temecula
Sizzler Restaurant
July 21 Jerry Treiman
California Geological Survey, Los Angeles
"Fault Rupture in Southern California as a result of the April 5, 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake and its June 14 aftershock" Rancho Cucamonga
Old Spaghetti Factory
June 16 Mike Hart
M. Hart Geoservices
Sizzler Restaurant
May 19 Woody Higdon
Geo-Tech Imagery
"Landslides Of The Bluebird Canyon And Laguna Beach, California, Past, Present, & Future" Riverside
Cask n' Cleaver Restaurant
April 17
Geologic Highlights Of The Perris Plain & Temecula/Murrieta Area

download the field trip brochure 
Perris Plain & Temecula Valley  
March 2 2010 GSA/AEG Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
Dr. Paul Marinos
National Technical University of Athens
"Geology Of Athens, Greece" UC-Riverside
Earth Sciences Department
March 2 Dr. Paul Marinos
National Technical University of Athens
2nd Marinos Inland Talk At Cal Poly Pomona

"Geology Of Athens, Greece"
Cal Poly Pomona
Earth Sciences Department
February 17 Dr. Thomas K. Rockwell
Geological Sciences, San Diego State University
"The Long Paleoseismic Record of Earthquakes on the San Jacinto Fault: When is the Next Local Big One?" Temecula
Sizzler Restaurant
January 20 "Round Table Discussion with AEG Inland members and officers" Riverside
Cask n' Cleaver Restaurant

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
November 18 Stephen M. Testa
Executive Officer, California State Mining and Geology board
Sizzler Restaurant
October 14 Austin Marshall "History Of The Cushenbury Quarry, From Gold Mine to Aggregate Plant" Riverside
University of California
August 19 Dr. Tom Perina
"Groundwater Contamination at the Omega Chemical Corporation Superfund Site, Los Angeles County" Riverside
Cask n' Cleaver
July 16 Woodrow "Woody" Higdon
Geo-Tech Imagery
"Digital Aerial Photography, GIS, & The Soledad Mt. Landslides" Hemet
Western Center For Archaeology & Paleontology
June 12 AEG-Inland Empire Chapter Annual Short Course
Expanding Geological Practice: New Areas & Methods

Click here for information
May 20 Dr. Jeff Keaton
MACTEC, Los Angeles, CA
"Guidelines for Evaluating Scour at Bridge Foundations on Rock: Status of NCHRP Project 24-29" Murrieta
Carrows Restaurant
April 15 Dr. Ed Medley
Geosyntec Consultants, Oakland, CA
GSA/AEG Jahns Distinguished Lecturer

"The Least You Should Know About Characterizing Geological Chaos: Bimrocks"
Kellogg Center, Cal Poly Pomona
  See Dr. Medley’s other Inland Empire lectures:
Tuesday April 14, 12pm (noon), UC-Riverside Hewett Club, Geology Dept.
"Of Elephants, Earthquakes, Caves and Hot Rock - Recent Geological Engineering Adventures"

Wednesday April 15, 2:30pm, CSU- San Bernardino, Geology Dept.
"The Comforts of Ignorance and the Benefits of Arrogance: Lessons of the Failure Kind for the Geopractitioner"

Thursday April 16, 12pm (noon), Cal Poly Pomona, Geology Dept.
"Forensic Investigation of the Sea Cliff Incident, an Urban Catastrophe"

Dr. Ed Medley receiving a plaque of appreciation from Chapter Chair Kerry Cato at the Cal Poly Pomona Kellogg Center.

Dr. Ed Medley and UC-Riverside graduate student Rob Ellis.

UC Riverside geology students listening to the lecture titled, "Of Elephants, Earthquakes, Caves and Hot Rock - Recent Geological Engineering Adventures".

Dr. Medley showing UC-Riverside students the use of 3D stereo-photos in a presentation.

CSU San Bernardino Geology students listenting to the lecture, "The Comforts of Ignorance and the Benefits of Arrogance: Lessons of the Failure Kind for the Geopractitioner".

Cal Poly Pomona students and guests simulate the narrow window of view that a borehole represents in a site investigation. This lecture was titled, "The Least You Should Know About Characterizing Geological Chaos: Bimrocks".
March 14 Field Trip "Hydrogeology of Springs in the Palm Springs Area: Field trip to Indian Canyon and Agua Caliente Springs"

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February 19 & 20 AEG Shlemon Specialty Conference "Investigation, Risk Analysis, and Mitigation of Surface Faulting"

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Palm Desert, CA
January 21 John Izbicki, USGS, San Diego, CA "Chromium Mobilization From The Unsaturated Zone" Riverside
Cask 'N Cleaver

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
December No monthly meeting  
November 19 Wesley R. Danskin, U.S.G.S, San Diego "Water Management in the Age of Hydropolitics: Southern California to Ethiopia" Murrieta
Carrows Restaurant
October 15 Stephen Testa, Executive Director of California Mining & Geology Board "The Future of the Geoscience Workforce -- Developing a Career in the Earth Sciences" UC Riverside

Newsletter Editor Rick Gundry (L) receives a Certificate of Appreciation from Former-Chairman Mike Cook (R).

Secretary Dave Gaddie (L) receives a Certificate of Appreciation from Former-Chairman Mike Cook (R).

Brent Ritzinger (R), a BS student from Cal Poly Pomona, receives a Brunton Compass from Former-Chairman Mike Cook (L).

Phillip Nee (R), a MS student from UC-Riverside, receives a Brunton Compass from Former-Chairman Mike Cook (L).

Monica Galaviz (R), a BS student from UC-Riverside, receives a Brunton Compass from Former-Chairman Mike Cook (L).

Dr. David Oglesby R), Associate Professor of Geology from UC-Riverside, accepts a Brunton Compass for the Department from Mike Cook (L).

Dr. Tien Lee (L) receives a Citation of Merit from Chapter Chairman Dr. Kerry Cato (R).

Dr. Tien Lee (Center with plaque) after receiving his Citation of Merit. All former Chapter officers helped with presentation (from L to R): Mike Cook, Dave Gaddie, Gary Wallace, Rick Gundry, Ernie Roumellis, Kerry Cato, and Frank Jordon.

Steve Testa, Executive Director of the California Mining and Geology Board (center) prepares for his talk on future career trends for geologists. Dr. David Oglesby (L) and Kerry Cato (R) look on.

Steve Testa (R) receiving Chapter appreciation from Kerry Cato, Chapter Chairman.
September   No Chapter meeting because of AEG Annual Meeting in New Orleans  
August 20 Pierre Romo, Geologist and Geophysicist, MACTEC, Los Angeles, California "Demonstration of Virtual Structural Mapping with Terrestrial Photogrammetry" Temecula
Marie Calenders
July 16 Dr. Galen Kenoyer, PG, Principal Hydrogeologist, RMT, Los Angeles, CA "Attack of the Killer Bacteria - The Fate of Perchlorate at the Stringfellow Superfund Site" Redlands
Marie Calenders
June 18 Dr. John A. Izbicki, Research Chemist, U.S. Geological Survey, California Water Science Center, San Diego, California "Water From Wells or Water From Aquifers ?" Temecula
(Marie Calenders)
May No monthly meeting, please attend short course
May 17

Short Course
"California Building Code for Geologists and Engineers"

Click here for more details

UC-R Extension
April 16 Dr. Nate Onderdonk, Associate Professor of Geology, Dept. of Geological Sciences, CSU Long Beach "Rotating Crust along the San Andreas Plate Boundary" Temecula
(Marie Calenders)
April 5


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Johnson Valley OHV area,
San Bernardino County
March 19 Anthony Martin, Geophysicist, Geovision Geophysical Consulting, Corona, CA "Engineering Geophysics" Redlands
(Marie Calenders)
February 20 Dr. David Oglesby, Professor of Geophysics, UC Riverside "Tsunamis and Earthquake Dynamics" Moreno Valley
(PH Woods Restaurant and Brewery)
January 16 Dr. John J. Clague, Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Frasier University 2008 GSA/AEG Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology

"Earthquake Hazards and Risk in the Pacific Northwest"
Cal Poly Pomona
(Kellogg West Conference Hall)
Photos of Dr. John Clague giving his talk and later with members of the Cal Poly Pomona Geology Club.
The back four: (From L-->R): Rob Ellis, Dr. Jon Nourse, Logan Wicks, Charles Johnson(Geotectnical Club).
The front row: (From L-->R): Dr. Jeff Marshall, Dr. John Clague, Daniel Heaton, Evelyn Mejia, Kimberly Poste, Allison Ruotolo, Lauren Carey, Jessy Bruns, Julie Brown.
click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
(Photos by student newspaper photographer Matthew Zu and AEG Inland Chairman, Mike Cook)

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
December 19 Dr. David Bowman, Associate Professor and Chair, Geology Dept., Cal State Fullerton “Accelerating Seismicity Before Large Earthquakes: The Life and Death of an Earthquake Prediction Scheme” Corona
(Cask ‘N Cleaver)
November 14 Dr. Sally McGill, Professor of Geology, CSU-San Bernardino CSU-SB Geology Club & AEG Joint Meeting

"Latest Pleistocene slip rate of the San Bernardino strand of the San Andreas fault"
CSU San Bernardino
Geology Lab (Biology Bldg) Rm 112

October 17 Dr. Jeff Marshall, Geological Sciences, Cal Poly Pomona University "Riding the waves of San Andreas: Geologic and engineering aspects of the 17 October 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, Santa Cruz, California" Temecula
(Pat ‘n Oscars)
50th AEG Annual Meeting

Golden Anniversary in the Golden State

Click here for more information on the
Los Angeles meeting
Los Angeles

August 15 Dr. John A. Izbicki, Research Hydrologist, Water Resources Division, US Geological Survey, San Diego, CA. "Fecal Contamination of urban streams and beach area of Santa Barbara” Temecula
(Marie Calenders)
July Saturday Field Trip Mass Wasting, Transverse Ranges, CA    
July 18 Dr. Steve Testa, Executive Director, State Mining & Geology Board “Implementation of Geoscience Policy in California in Three Acts” Riverside
(Cask n’ Cleaver)
June 20 Dr. Jim Finnegan, Senior Hydrogeologist, Geosyntec Consultants, Pasadena "Municipal Landfill and Groundwater Contamination in Southern California" Temecula
(Country Garden Restaurant)
May 16 John Moylan, R.G., Consulting Geologist AEG/GSA 2007 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer
“Site Characterization for the Design of Effective Groundwater Remediation Projects”
San Bernardino
(The Castaways - perched at east end of the Shadon Hills)
Chapter Support to University Students
At a recent meeting, the AEG Inland Empire Chapter gave financial assistance ($500/student) to 6 undergraduate geology majors from three local universities. The purpose is to assist with costs of field trips and summer field camp. The last four photographs show some of the presentations.

Speaker John Moylan.

Student attendees in the audience.

Doug Cook, Chapter Treasurer and of RMA Geosciences, congratulating Allison Ruotolo, Cal Poly Pomona.

Doug Cook, congratulating Robert Ellis, Cal Poly Pomona.

Mike Cook, Chapter Vice President-North and of Kleinfelder, Inc., congratulating Darren Boshart, CSU-San Bernardino.

Mike Cook, congratulating Macarrio Torres, CSU-San Bernardino.
May 12, 2007 Multiple Speakers Continuing Education Course
“Earthquake Hazards and Seismic Evaluation"

Click here for details
UC Riverside Extension
27-28, 2007
Dr. James McCalpin,
GEO-HAZ Consulting
Continuing Education Course
"Paleoseismology in Seismic Hazard Assessment; Distinguishing Active Faults from Neotectonic features That Look Like Them"

Click here for details
UC Riverside Extension
Apr 18, 2007 Dr. David Oglesby,
Associate Professor of Geophysics, Department of Earth Sciences, University of California, Riverside
"Issues in Interacting Strike-slip faults" Temecula
Marie Callender's
Mar 21, 2007 Dr. Kenneth W. Hudnut,
Geophysicist, USGS
“The B4 Project: High Resolution Topographic Scanning of the San Andreas and San Jacinto Fault Zones” Ontario
Double Tree Hotel
Mar 10, 2007 Continuing Education Course sponsored by IGS and AEG Inland Empire
“Groundwater and Related Issues"
Saturday March 10, 2007, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Click here for details
Feb 24, 2007 50th Anniversary Celebration
UCR Department of Earth Sciences

University of California, Riverside
Contact Jo slyn at or Dr. Tien Lee, Professor of Geophysics/Hydrogeology
Feb 21, 2007 Dr. Brady Rhodes, Professor, Department of Geology, CSU-Fullerton "The Search For Paleotsunami Deposits In Southern Thailand" Temecula
Country Garden Restaurant
Jan 20, 2007
  Field Trip    *** Postponed ***
Spring Geology of the Indian Canyons and Agua Caliente Hot Springs
Palm Springs area

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News
Dec 12, 2006
Tuesday Meeting
Steve Testa, Executive Director, California State Mining & Geology Board "Does local lead agency control really work?
(in respect to SMARA, Alquist-Priolo, Siesmic Hazards Mapping, etc.)"
Cask n’ Cleaver
At the November 15 meeting, the Chapter gave out awards to local university students. to support research. Each student received a $250 check for travel assistance to Professional (GSA) Meetings. Three COM-Pro Brunton Pocket Transits were awarded to the CSU-San Bernardino Geology Department for training students and field camp usage. Chapter officers were also recognized by the Section.
IMG 0820 Chapter President Rick Gundry presents Award to Diana Boyer, graduate student @ UCR, as assistance for her presentation at the recent GSA meeting. IMG 0821 Chapter President Rick Gundry presents Award to David Mrofka, graduate student @ UCR, as assistance for his presentation at the recent GSA meeting. IMG 0822 Chapter President Rick Gundry presents 2 Brunton compasses to Dr. Sally McGill, in support of CSU-San Bernardino. IMG 0823 SAME IMG 0824 Chapter President Rick Gundry presents Award to Robert Ellis, student @ CSU Pomona (Cal Poly), for assistance in his presentation at the future GSA meeting. IMG 0825 Chapter President Rick Gundry presents Award to Allison Ruotolo, student @ CSU Pomona (Cal Poly), for assistance in her presentation at the future GSA meeting. IMG 0826 Former Section Chairman Charles Nestle presents Award to Past Chapter President Gary Wallace regarding Gary's service as Chapter President in 2006. IMG 0827 Former Section Chairman Charles Nestle presents Award to Rick Gundry for his sustained efforts in organizing and continued service to the Inland Empire Chapter (not to mention the numerous late night emails).
Nov 15, 2006 Tiana Rasmussen, Geophysicist and Project Geologist, Gary S. Rasmussen & Associates, Inc. “Refraction Microtremor for Shallow Shear Velocity” Rancho Cucamonga
Claim Jumper
Oct 30 -
Nov 4
AEG 49th Annual Meeting
Northeast Engineering Geology
From Till to Fill

Click here for more information
Boston, MA  
Oct 18, 2006 Dr. Pinnaduwa H.S.W. Kulatilake, Professor, Geological Engineering Program, University of Arizona “Rock slope stability analyses- a case study” & “Three dimensional rock mass fracture geometry and fluid flow modeling for a tunnel site in California” Temecula
Pat & Oscars
Sep 20, 2006 Dr. David Oglesby, Associate Prof. of Geophysics, UC-Riverside “Dynamics of Geometrically Complex Faults” Riverside
Citrus Grille
>Aug 16, 2006 Dr. Tom Perina, PG, CHG, Senior Hydrogeologist, CH2MHill, Riverside, California “Advanced Aquifer test analysis with the general well function" Temecula
Hungry Hunter
Jul 19, 2006 Dr. Jerry D. Higgins, Associate Professor of Engineering Geology, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado "Richard H. Jahns AEG/GSA Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology
Rockfall Analysis and Mitigation”
Claim Jumper
Jun 23/24, 2006   "Rock Slope Stability
Investigation and Analysis”

Marie Callender's
Jun 21, 2006 Dr. Miles D. Kenney, Petra Geotechnical "Late Quaternary deformation and sedimentation history, Coachella fan area located between the Mecca Hills and Indio Hills, and northeast of the San Andreas fault, eastern Coachella Valley, California." Temecula
Hungry Hunter
May 20, 2006 Multiple Speakers “Rules and Regulations for Geologic Studies”
UCR Extension
Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News Minute Pres
May 17, 2006 Stephen M. Testa A Brief History of Oil in California Colton  
Apr 22 , 2006 Field Trip Pushawalla/Thousand Palms SAF Field Trip         
Apr 19, 2006 Dr. John A. Izbicki, USGS-WRD Artificial recharge through a thick, heterogeneous unsaturated zone along the Oro Grande Wash, western Mojave Desert, California Temecula    
Mar 4, 2006 Multiple Speakers GIS Applications in Geology and Hydrology
UCR Extension 
Mar 2, 2006 Dr. Jason Saleeby, Caltech 'Evolution of the deep crust and upper mantle beneath the southern California region' (Joint meeting with IGS and SME) Ontario  
Feb 15, 2006 Jim Maden, Leighton and Associates Phase I Environmental Assessments and the New ASTM Standard Temecula    
Jan 18, 2006 Dr. Peter Robinson, Univ. of Alberta & Gregg Drilling Sixty Years of the CPT - How far have we come ? Redlands
Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Location News Minute Pres
Dec 21, 2005 Antony J. Martin, GEOVision

All Officers and Attenders
Summary of applications of geophysics to near-surface problems

Installment of 2006 Officers and discussion; Treasurer's Report, other Appointments; FUN meeting; Transfer of authority at COB to 2006 Officers
Nov 16, 2005 Officers and Attenders Result of Vote: Election of 2006 Officers and discussions by All, Discussion and appointment of Committee Chairs, Committee Persons San Bernardino
Nov 5, 2005 Multiple Speakers Landslide Short Course.
Oct 5, 2005 >Attenders &

Jason Preece, ENGEO Inc & Presdient CCGO
Submit Names/Nomination of 2006 Officers, Committees needed &

"Update on California Professional Practice Issues and the Professional Geologist in California; Insight on the type and quantity of professional work Geologists do"
Sep 21, 2005 Attenders Submit Names/Nominations of 2006 Officers, Committees needed

“Another Spyke Tale”
Aug 3, 2005> Jeff Keaton, MACTEC

Woody Higdon, Geo-Tech Imagery
"Monitoring Slope Deformation with Quadrilaterals for Pipeline Risk Management"

"Bluebird Canyon Landslides: Past, Present, and Future."
Jul 20, 2005 Jeff Keaton, MACTEC "Soil Stratigraphy and Surface-Water Hydrology of Part of the Hualapia Valley near Kingman, Arizona, for Litigation Support" Temecula  
Jun 15, 2005 Mark Spykerman, Earth Systems Southwest “The Alquist-Priolo Act and Creationism: Literal Conflicts?” San Bernardino
May 18, 2005 Attendees "The New Chapter-Information/Organizational discussions"
& "Professional Practice discussion"
San Bernardino