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Who’s Who in So. California Engineering Geology
***NOTICE: Proposed New AEG Publication***

The Evolution of Engineering Geology in Southern California

Have you ever wondered “Whatever happened to___?” or “I’ve heard of ___, who is he?”

The undersigned have decided to try to prepare an internet publication with the above title, which will include biographies of engineering geologists in southern California. We would like you to share your biography (autobiography) with other EGs. If you have worked on an interesting project, others would like to know about it.

If we limit each autobiography to 3 pages of text, plus photos, this publication would be more than 1,000 pages long. Therefore, we plan to utilize a proposed new AEG Foundation internet website, where there is no limit to total pages, and we can use color photos. Also, this new website will be available for no-charge access, worldwide, thus spreading the word on the history and evolution of engineering geology, and southern California’s immense contribution.

We suggest (not require) three criteria for inclusion: 1. That you are a CA licensed CEG; 2. That you are now or once were a member of AEG; 3. That you have enough years of professional experience to relate one or more significant projects you have worked on. We believe there are more than 250 such EGs in southern California. This will be an evolving internet site where new autobiographies can be added.

We will also include Memorial biographies of past notable geologists in southern California. So far, we have identified 30, including John Buwalda, Ian Campbell, Tom Dibblee, Rollin Eckis, Perry Ehlig, Richard Jahns, John Mann, F.L. Ransome, Charles Richter, Dottie & Marty Stout, Gene Waggoner. We will give a presentation on many of these notable geologists at AEG’s 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting in September in Los Angeles.


  • Complete NAME, address, phone, email;
  • BIRTH DATE and place;
  • UNIVERSITY(s) attended, major(s), degree(s), year(s);
  • MILITARY service;
  • FIRMS/AGENCIES you worked for;
  • up to 3 significant PROJECTS you worked on;
  • possibly relate a serious or humorous INCIDENT;
  • a MENTOR you may wish to acknowledge;
  • PHOTOS of yourself and of projects (scanned images preferred).

So, if you wish to be included in this new internet publication, prepare your autobiography and email it with photos to: and in the Subject box, type: So. Cal. Geologist. Or mail it to Allen Hatheway, 10256 Stoltz Dr., Rolla, MO 65401. Please, no more than 3 pages of text, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt.

Please pass this notice on to those you may know who no longer get this Newsletter.

In the spirit of camaraderie, we thank you,
Richard Proctor
Allen Hatheway
David Rogers
Larry Cann
Bob Lynn