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Summer 2007 REG Review Courses

The Association of Engineering Geologists is pleased to announce the Summer 2007 series of review courses for the ASBOG geology licensing exam taught by REG Review, Inc. AEG and REG Review, Inc. have partnered to provide these courses since 1992. In the Summer of 2007, review courses will be offered US-wide in Louisville, KY, Raleigh, NC, Philadelphia, PA, Kansas City, MO, Minneapolis-St Paul, MN, Chicago, IL, Austin, TX, Seattle, WA, and two locations in California (Santa Ana, and Oakland). The California courses have an extra hour devoted to the California Supplemental exam. We have reinstated the CEG and CHG courses in California and these will be held in Oakland and Santa Ana CA each November.

Summer 2007 California course dates and locations are as follows, please visit the REG REVIEW website ( ) for more details:

West Coast ASBOG Courses

2007SC-3 Santa Ana, CA
DATE - Friday, August 3, 2007, 8am - 5pm

2007NC-3 Oakland, CA
DATE - Saturday, August 4, 2007, 8am - 5pm

2007PNW-2 Seattle, WA
DATE - Sunday, August 5, 2007, 8am - 4pm

Courses in California are $465, all other course locations are $415. There is a $15 discount for AEG Members, be sure to ask for it. Books are included in the course prices, flash cards are not.

The pre-registration deadline for the Summer 2007 courses is July 13, 2007 for West Coast courses and June 14, 2007 for all other courses.

REG Review, Inc. has been teaching these courses in California since 1985. In March 2000, we began to direct our teaching towards the ASBOG geology licensing exam. The pass rate for students in classes since converting to the ASBOG course has ranged from 85 to 99%. The courses are taught by Patti Sutch, California PG 3949, CEG 1641, and CHG 25, and Lisa Dirth, California PG 3951, CEG 1240, and North Carolina RG by ASBOG exam.

Current information on study manuals, flash cards, and courses may be found online on REG REVIEW, Inc's website at

To contact REG REVIEW Inc.:
e-mail -,
mailing address - 37 Rosewell Road, Bedford, NH 03110,
telephone - East Coast call Lisa Dirth at 603-472-3050, (fax) 603-471-1969.
West Coast (evenings) Patti Sutch at 916-456-4870.

Please pass this information on to any geologist that you know is taking the state licensure examinations and could benefit from a little help in focusing on the most important elements.

Lisa Dirth