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Dibblee Geological Foundation Requests Funding Help

Although most of the Dibblee Foundation funding has historically come from smaller grassroots donations from local firms and individuals, we are also interested in locating larger grant sources. Along those lines, Barbara Boxers recently commented that she was going to ask the USGS for additional mapping. Tom Dibblee has already completed the mapping and, if funded, the Dibblee Geology Center could make the maps available. We could probably publish the entire San Luis Obispo County for $300,000 and have it completed in a few months. Do you know of anyone who knows Barbara Boxer?

Tom Dibblee has mapped or compiled all of San Luis Obispo County (some 76 whole or partial quadrangles). The Dibblee Geology Center of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is to pushing ahead with the publication of all of the San Luis Obispo County maps (in collaboration with Clarence Hall) in response to the San Simeon Earthquake related need for a complete and consistent geologic base map. The release order for those maps can be arranged in the order of relative demand and once funding has been secured, a water color copy of the completed map can be made available to the funders within one to two weeks. Full map production can follow two to three weeks thereafter. Licenses for proprietary single use digital data are also available. Cost to produce each of the 7.5 minute quadrangles in full color is about $6000. For more information concerning the Dibblee Geology Center San Luis Obispo map production please contact the Dibblee Map editor, John Minch, at 949-367-1000 or 800-367-2995 or email at

Thanks for any help or suggestions,
John Powell