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Cal Poly Pomona Launches MS Degree in Geology

Dear Cal Poly Geology Alumnus or Friend,

The Cal Poly Pomona Geology Department is launching its MS degree program in September 2012. We are accepting applications through June 15, 2012, but priority consideration will be given to those who apply before November 30, 2011. As a Geology Department Alumnus or Friend, perhaps you know somebody who might be interested in applying. Please pass this communication on as appropriate:

The link to the on line application system is:

The application fee is $55. You may view details of the graduate program on our web page at:

Information about degree requirements, our graduate curriculum and a 3 year plan of course offerings may be found through web links on the lower right.

Our department website gives an overview of the kinds of research we conduct. Feel free to contact any of the graduate faculty about potential research projects. The Masterís thesis component of the program is designed to accommodate projects that might be carried out simultaneously as part of your professional work assignments.

There is a limited amount of financial support (e.g., Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships) available to those accepted into the new program. I am currently working on avenues to expand these resources.

As our applicant pool grows, we will be conducting surveys to help plan specific times to offer the graduate courses. Recognizing that our graduate students will have work and family constraints, we want to accommodate as many of these needs as possible.

I appreciate your interest and patronage.

Best regards,
Jon Nourse