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Passing of Dr. A. Eugene Fritsche

Dear Alums and Friends of the Department:
It is with great sadness and loss that I tell you that Dr. A. Eugene Fritsche passed away on July 7, 2013. He was a caring teacher who made his students strive for the best, a strong mentor and role model for his research students, a leader in shaping the path of the department for decades, and a legend in the world of southern California geology. Equally important in his life were his family and the incredible adventures they shared for more than 50 years. He and his intrepid wife Sue set foot on every continent on Earth. His service to his fellow men and woman through Habitat for Humanity and other aid agencies improved the lives of many, and his kindness and humor touched their lives forever leaving happy memories.

The Department will commemorate his life in the fall, most likely outdoors, near some of his favorite rocks, with an optional hike in honor of his four incredible GeoTreks. More on this later.

Sue Fritsche said that Gene so enjoyed teaching geology at CSUN; and even though his life was a little shorter then we would have liked, he had a very happy and adventurous life with all his world travels and his many, many service projects. She asked me to pass on their email address and welcomes memories of Gene from you.


Dr. Vicki A. Pedone
Chair, Department of Geological Sciences
California State University Northridge
Northridge, CA 91330-8266