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Basin and Range Province Seismic Hazard Summit III
Salt Lake City, UT

The Utah Geological Survey and Western States Seismic Policy Council, in conjunction with the Utah Division of Emergency Management, the Utah Professional Geologists Licensing Board, the Utah Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Licensing Board, the U. S. Geological Survey, the Intermountain Section of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, and the University of Utah Seismograph Stations are convening a third Basin and Range Province Seismic Hazard Sumit (BRPSHSIII) January 12-17, 2015, at the Utah Department of Natural Resources Building in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A flyer with pertinent details regarding the summit and contact details for further information is attached. The BRPSHSIII organizing committee would appreciate any assistance the Southern California Section of AEG could provide in distributing notice of BRPSHSIII to your members. The topics to be covered in the BRPSHSIII technical sessions, and the training provided by the accompanying short course and field trip are directly applicable to geologists and engineers performing seismic-hazard investigations in the Basin and Range portion of California.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance

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