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Serving professionals in engineering, environmental,
and groundwater geology since 1957

The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) is an international, non-profit scientific and technical society, whose 3,000 members include geologists specializing in engineering geology, environmental geology, and ground-water geology as well as other professionals in affiliated fields, such as civil and mining engineering, land-use planning, public policy and education.

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There are four AEG Membership Classes. They are as follows:

Applicants for Member Class shall hold a degree in geology, engineering geology or geological engineering or a degree in a related professional field with 30-semester hours of credit in the geosciences. In addition, the applicant shall have 5-years of post-baccalaureate experience in engineering geology, of which one year must be in "responsible charge" of a complex project. A Member of AEG with personal knowledge of the applicant's experience shall sponsor applicants direct admission to Member Class. Annual Dues are $105.00. For first time members dues are $75.00. Teacher dues are $35.00.

Applicants shall hold the same requirements as for Member Class, but may select from the following dues schedule: $35=Member Class, which includes the Environmental and Engineering Geology Journal. $45=Member Class with the Journal, the Annual Directory and the Annual Meeting Abstracts. $55=Member Class with the Journal, Annual Directory, Annual Meeting Abstracts and the AEG

Applicants for Affiliate Member Class shall be scientists or engineers who work with engineering geologists, teachers engaged in middle-school and high school earth science education, or persons interested in engineering geology. Annual Dues are $70.00. Teacher Dues are $35.00.

Applicants for Student Member Class shall be full-time students enrolled in an academic program in the geosciences or in a related field of engineering. There is no cost for being a student member; Dues = $0.

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