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Professional Geologist Title Now Required
by SCAL Section, Legislative Committee Chair Joe Cota

For those who have not yet heard, licensed geologists in California are no longer called "Registered Geologists" as of January 1, 2005 we are now "Professional Geologists". Your proposals and reports, Professional Geologist Seal (rubber stamp) and business cards need to be updated immediately to reflect the name change. This change was originally proposed by BGG's TAC committee some time ago. During the recent BGG meeting some members of the TAC were unaware that BGG had already approved the name change and there was still considerable ongoing debate amongst them against changing the name. Regardless of how you may fell about the name change, licensed geologists in California are now Professional Geologists. The titles Certified Engineering Geologist (CEG) and Certified Hydrogeologist (CHG) are still valid and are not affected by this change. Registered Geophysicists (RGP) did not have their license renamed.

The requirements for the appearance and content for the new seals are posted at the following link: