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Vote to eliminate CSE rescinded

The Board for Geologists and Geophysicists held a meeting Friday, March 24 specifically to address the performance of the executive Officer, Mr. Paul Sweeney. Testimony was provided by Representatives from AEG SoCal and Sacramento Sections, current and former Board staff, two Board TAC members, and private consultants. Following the closed session, the Board President, Craig Copelan, that the Board had voted to retain the services of Mr. Sweeney.

Along with that decision the Board agreed to rescind their prior vote to eliminate the California Specific Exam. The Board stated that they will hold an open meeting, probably via teleconference, to discuss the CSE. This does not mean that the CSE will never be eliminated, rather, it allows everyone who wants to be involved in the process.

Charles Nestle, Chairman
AEG Southern California Section